10 Anime Animals We Would Want As Pets

One of the reasons that anime remains such a versatile storytelling medium is that there are so many eclectic genres and types of series to explore. Compelling characters and an original story are paramount.

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Lots of anime also excel when it comes to their creation of fantasy worlds and the cute creatures that occupy them. Anime is full of magical monsters of any shape and size, but there are several creatures who would make for the perfect pet companion under the right circumstances.

10 Sunny Stefen Nozzo Is Sumire’s Cuddly Creature Confidante In Baoh

Hirohiko Araki has become one of the biggest names in anime and manga thanks to his legendary series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Tea Jojo legacy has lasted for nearly four decades, but Araki previously cut his teeth on a series named Baoh. Baoh is full of dangerous biological experiments that turn man into dangerous killing machines.

The action series is full of bloody violence, but one of its quainter aspects is the adorable marsupial, Sunny Stefen Nozzo. Nozzo is Sumire’s friendly animal companion who becomes easily domesticated and doesn’t resent life as a pet. Nozzo is one of the Dress Organization’s smaller biological experiments, but it still possesses unique skills.

9 Gintama’s Sadaharu Is A Dog-Like Extraterrestrial With Delusions Of Grandeur

Gintama is a rare case of a shonen anime series that has a staggering total of more than 350 episodes, yet none of them feel like weak links. The anime’s confidence, storytelling abilities, and sense of humor only get stronger. Sadaharu is one of the official members of the Odd Jobs Crew and he has an odd penchant for locking his jaw around Gintoki’s head.

Sadaharu looks like a giant fluffy dog, but he’s revealed to be an alien with some surprisingly important powers. Sadaharu gets to fulfill his greater purpose, but he’s at his happiest when he’s just relaxing with Kagura and the rest of Odd Jobs.

8 Digimon’s Gatomon Frequently Feels More Like A Pet Than A Digital Monster

bandai’s Digimon precedes Nintendo’s Pokemon property and there are ultimately very different aims between these shows. New Digimon series continue to arrive and remix the franchise’s lore, but the original Digimon Adventure series still generate the most nostalgia. Most Champion-Level Digimon in the series could qualify as fun pets, but Kari’s Gatomon (or Tailmon, in the original Japanese) is especially perfect.

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Gatomon looks a lot like a standard feline, except for its unique tail and distinct clawed gloves. Gatomon can be dangerous, but it’s not her default mode and it’s easy to picture her just living the relaxed life of a cat.

7 Hamtaro Indulges In Cuteness Overload With A Cast Of Dozens Of Adorable Characters

Hamtaro is one of the odder anime fascinations to come out of the early 2000s. The adorable children’s series focuses on a menagerie of eclectic hamsters who thrive on their own and repeatedly showcase the power of teamwork. There are more than a dozen primary members of the extended Ham-Ham family.

The full amount of these cute creatures totals nearly five times that size. Hamtaro or any of his furry friends would make for a perfect anime pet. They’d be able to entertain their owner as well be comfortable going on solo Ham-Ham adventures.

6 Ein The Data Dog Is The Unsung Hero Of The Bebop

cowboy bebop is a pure burst of creativity that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the animated science fiction space operas. cowboy bebop‘s strength lies in its ability to constantly reinvent itself through different storytelling genres.

The crew of bounty hunters who make up the Bebop are all entertaining loose cannons and Ein, a Corgi “data dog,” is the cutest member of the team. Ein isn’t often in the spotlight and it’s easy to forget that he’s not just a conventional canine. Ein’s dog demeanor, combined with his advanced tech-savviness, makes him the perfect space pet.

5 Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind Finds Strength In Its Animal Companion, Teto

Studio Ghibli has one of the best reputations among anime studios and all of their productions, even those that aren’t masterminded by Hayao Miyazakai, bring forward some creative anime creatures. A lot of the time these unique animal species are relegated to the background.

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However, one of the perks of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is the titular heroine’s fox squirrel companion, Teto.

Teto’s design is still somewhat grounded in reality, but its otherworldly qualities make it cute rather than frightening. In many ways Teto is the beating heart of Nausicaa and its camaraderie is integral to Nausicaa’s success.

4 Dragon Ball’s Puar Is A Cute Creature With Limitless Shapeshifting Possibilities

dragonball is one of the biggest battle shonen series, but the original anime is much lighter in nature and embraces bizarre comedy just as much as it pursues suspenseful action. Puar and Oolong are two relics of the original series who take the form of animals, but are actually accomplished shapeshifters.

Oolong’s id occasionally gets the better of him, which makes the tanooki-like Puar the more popular of the pair. Puar is a faithful partner for Yamcha and is content in its standard state. However, Puar would be one of the more entertaining pets since it has the power to transform into any other animal or object.

3 My Neighbor Totoro Introduces The World To An Iconic Creature

There are thousands of unique creatures who have appeared in various anime series and feature films, but it’s fair to say that the titular beast from Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro is among the medium’s top percentile. Totoro is a giant creature who resembles both a cat and a raccoon, but Hayao Miyazaki classifies him as a spiritual woodland creature.

Totoro’s abnormal size may intimidate some children, but he’s completely innocent and it just means that there’s more of him to love. Totoro still ranks up there with Miyazaki’s greatest creations and he’s a strong reminder that everyone just wants a giant fuzzy creature to hug.

2 InuYasha’s Kirara Is A Fun, Magical Creature Whether She’s In Battle Or Not

InuYasha is a brilliant shonen series from the early 2000s that recently found new life through its sequel series, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. InuYasha embraces a bifurcated timeline that’s full of magical showdowns, but the budding romance between Inuyasha and Kagome is also essential.

InuYasha tries to offer something for all audiences and Kirara is a cute creature that appeals to the anime’s younger crowd. Kirara initially looks like a friendly two-tailed variation on a fox. However, Kirara is a survivor and can defend herself when it’s necessary. This means that Kirara functions as a pet that can actually protect its owner, if need be.

1 Eevee Is A Perfect Beginner Pokémon Who’s Adorable In Any Of His Forms

Pokemon has expanded from a quirky RPG series to a robust anime with more than 1000 episodes under its belt. There are nearly 1000 unique Pokémon in the mix, many of which could qualify as a cuddly pet companion. The natural pick for a Pokémon pet is Pikachu, who serves the role as Ash’s perpetual partner.

There’s nothing wrong with Pikachu, but his electric-based nature can occasionally be dangerous. Those who simply want a pet to play with would be smart to choose Eevee. The Normal-Type Pokémon is a blank slate of spells and has tremendous evolutionary potential, but its base form is still an adorable and obedient creature.

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