40 Early Amazon Prime Day Deals for Pets Up to 66% Off

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This is your reminder that Amazon Prime Day is almost here, and it’s not only a time to stock up on things for yourself, but it’s also a great opportunity to spoil your pets without spending a ton of money.

The two-day event takes place on Tuesday, July 12 and Wednesday, July 13, and will have thousands of deals going on at once. If you’re looking to beat the rush though, you’re in luck, because we found an abundance of pet deals that are already live including beds, crates, toys, treats, and grooming supplies for up to 66 percent off.

We rounded up 40 incredible deals every cat and dog parent should know about, and to make your shopping experience even easier, everything is broken down into categories. Below, you’ll find a list of the overall best pet deals to have on your radar along with early Prime Day deals for dogs, cats, grooming and cleaning, treats and food, and travel gear.

Early Amazon Prime Day Pets Deals

Traditionally, to take full advantage of Prime Day deals, you’d need an active Prime membership, which you can still sign up for and even do a one-week trial for just $2. If not, there’s no need to worry; the beauty of early deals is you’re not only beating the rush, but they’re available to everyone whether you have a membership or not. Get your card ready because all 40 pet deals we’ve rounded up are fair game as long as they’re still in stock — and prices start at just $4.

Whether you’re preparing to welcome a new puppy to your family or are just looking for ways to entertain your dog, Amazon has you covered. The responsible thing to do is to shower your dog with new toys since you can get a bunch for super cheap — we’re looking at this 18-pack of toys that’s on sale for just $24. Also, don’t forget to consider the Multipet Lamb Chop Plush Toy that’s a total hit among dogs of all breeds and sizes, and gained popularity on TikTok. It’s marked down to $5 and backed by more than 27,000 five-star ratings; one reviewer said “it seems to be any dog’s favorite toy on the planet.”

A couple practical things to look out for are the BestPet Folding Wire Dog Crate that’s available in five sizes and the Gentle Leader Headcollar that’s a godsend for dogs who pull while on walks. Both items are great assets to have on hand while training and can make life with a new dog much easier. Plus, they’re backed by rave reviews from thousands of shoppers, and are on sale ahead of Prime Day for $51 and $17, respectively.

Early Prime Day Deals for Dogs

Cats might seem like picky creatures, but they are actually way easier to shop for since they don’t need a whole lot to be happy and well taken care of. To ensure they have everything they need at all times, consider setting out an automatic water fountain and cat feeder so they can eat and drink as they please without waking you up in the middle of the night. Add both devices to your cart for less than $100 while they’re significantly marked down.

Of course, you can’t stop there because your furry friend could also use a new toy or two to keep them occupied throughout the day. The Potaroma Flopping Fish is a popular choice that has more than 21,000 five-star ratings and is an Amazon bestseller. It’s 47 percent off at the moment and not only provides hours of entertainment, but it’s also great enrichment for your cat. Another must-have is a quality scratching post like this adorable cactus design that allows your cats to stretch their paws without ruining your furniture.

Early Prime Day Deals for Cats

One of the less glamorous parts of having a pet is the maintenance that comes along with it, but it’s necessary to keep them and your home clean. A high-power vacuum cleaner is essential for picking up pet hair from carpet and rugs, and we found one that costs just $130. You should also think about replacing disposable lint rollers with the Ordora Pet Hair Remover to get rid of fur from furniture and bedding. It’s more efficient, eco-friendly, and saves money in the long run since you don’t have to keep buying more.

Along with cleaning essentials, we also recommend regular grooming, which you can do at home with a deshedding brush and nail clippers. The Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush is an excellent tool for pets with long and short hair since it has a dual-sided head that reaches deep into their fur to remove loose hair from undercoats.

Early Prime Day Deals for Grooming and Cleaning

Early Prime Day Deals on Food and Treats

Summer is the ideal time to travel and some pet parents are going on adventures with their furry friends. To prepare, we’ve curated a list of pre-Prime Day Deals on travel gear for pet parents including a dog car seat cover and cat backpack that are 60 and 40 percent off, respectively. You also can’t go wrong with having the PetAmi travel bag organizer that’s basically a diaper bag for your pet and provides optimal space for organizing their things.

Early Prime Day Deals for Pet Travel Gear

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