Bandai Launches Digimon Smartwatches to Promote Fitness Amongst Kids

Digimon fans might have waited their whole life for the day when they can finally wear a watch that activates their Digimon. Now, Bandai’s new Digimon watches will allow the Digimon to beef up whenever the kids are exercising.

Bandai Takes Interesting Approach to Fitness for Kids

According to the story by Gizmodo, it’s usually hard to get kids off the phone or tablets to start exercising. Bandai, however, has an interesting approach, and with the Vital Hero watch, kids might just have enough incentive to start exercising.

Basically, the Vital Hero gamified wearables will allow kids to level up their digital monsters, and in order to do this, they’ll have to work out as well. The wearable even includes a way for players to battle against each other and complete missions.

Device Owners can Battle Each Other’s Digimon

Just like actually taking care of a Digimon, players will also be able to see the mood and status of their digital monster and even collect them. The exciting thing about the Digimons is that they can evolve into different forms depending on the type of mission players choose.

Players can also collect different dim cards to load the digital monsters. Each digital monster has its own unique attributes. Unlike a Tamagotchi, players won’t be constantly feeding or taking care of the virtual pet.

Kids can Improve the Stats of the Digimon by Exercising

In order for the digital monsters to be taken care of and upgraded, the only option kids have is to really exercise along with their digital monsters. As per Gizmodo, Vital Hero is basically “one of those pocketable Digimon virtual pet toys” that is merged along with a wearable fitness tracker.

The more active the kid is, the faster the stats of the digital monster will improve. The better the stats of the monster, the higher their chance for victories when battling.

Kids can reportedly battle with friends through a Dim Card which is quite like a USB flash device. This allows users to transfer their monster into a friend’s device.

Another way battles can be triggered is by clicking the wearable against any particular NFC-equipped device like a smartphone. This approach is similar to what players did in the popular ’90s show.

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Different Vital Hero Digimon Watches

A video was uploaded on YouTube showing how the Vital Hero promotes a healthy lifestyle amongst kids and also how they can use it to battle each other. As per Gizmodo, this isn’t actually the first time that Vital Hero has tried to gamify fitness trackers.

There have also been other types of attempts in the past but it seems like Digimon is the perfect setting. The Vital Hero Digimon watches are expected to sell in either blue or black for $65 at Amazon while the red band is an exclusive for Walmart buyers.

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