Barefoot Is Legal Issues Challenge To Keep Pets Safe While Walking

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Barefoot Is Legal member walking her dog barefoot.

A Barefoot Is Legal member walking her dog barefoot, preparing for the #HotDogsChallenge

Non-profit suggests the humans walk barefoot – just like our best friends.

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, July 20, 2022 / — Barefoot Is Legal ( founder Dave Kelman has announced the Hot Dogs Challenge August 19-21, 2022
This Hot Dogs Challenge is asking everyone take a day to simply walk their dogs around their neighborhood or for a walk in the local park.

Just as the dogs are shoeless, we are requesting the humans are also barefoot.

“The average person has never gone barefoot in public in their life. Not even in a park.” states Mr. Kelman. “ We want to give everyone a chance to see that the ground may be too hot for your pets. If you feel the ground is too hot or unsafe for you, it is the same for your pets.”

It is highly recommended to walk pets outside before 11am at the latest in extremely hot climates or after the sun starts to set throughout the summer. After about 90-95F, hot asphalt or cement can become painful for pets. The same can be said for humans that have not become used to the hot temperatures. Some people put their hand on the pavement for just 1 second. That is simply not enough for a dog to walk on for walks.

“We live in Las Vegas. Living barefoot in the summer, I make it a point to not be out between 11am & 6pm if I do not have to be. Running to the car is fine. We will not try to prove anything by walking a mall parking lot at 113 degrees out at 1pm.” Kelman shares, explaining how even Barefoot Is Legal does not endorse any reasonable risk to injury.”

“We still drive barefoot. We will still park in front of a Baskin Robbins and grab an ice cream or Subway for a sandwich. Anything requiring a longer walk than that can wait. Your dog should not be expected to do more when it is simply too hot out.”

Also, there is no need to put on cheap flip flops or sandals when driving to the park. Drive your car barefoot to the park with your dog. There are zero laws in any US State or Canada Province regarding driving a car barefoot.
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