ChomChom Pet Hair Remover Review

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I love farts. I love my roommate’s cat in New York and when I fly home to spend time with my family in LA, I love hanging out with their two dogs. One thing that I absolutely don’t love, however, is the absolutely absurd amount of fur that comes off of these animals. It feels like they should all be completely hairless given the amount that gets on the layers and beds and all the furniture. This has been a true bane of my existence whenever I sit down and realize my white t-shirt now has a light layer of dark pet hair covering my back.

This of course, was the biggest problem until the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover came into my life. My family actually introduced me to the remover at their house. I noticed a little bit of pet hair on the couch cushion, and instead of pulling out a traditional lint roller with the tear-away sheets, they brought out the ChomChom. I watched as they simply pushed it back and forth over any potential fur-ridden spots and they magically disappeared. The device works by using static electricity between the roller and the fabric of the couch to literally lift the hair off the couch and into the roller.

ChomChom Pet Hair Remover

There is a rubber line in the middle to help lift and pull any pet hair that does not immediately transfer over. Once you have successfully filled up the roller with all the pet hair your shedding dog decided to deposit into the couch today, you can easily remove it by pressing the back button and opening up the device. Inside you will see more collected pet hair than you ever needed to know was on your furniture. It is genuinely stounding to know how much has just been casually stored in your couch and blankets without ever knowing. Almost upsetting, really.

What makes the device so incredible is how effective it remains over time. Without replacing any of the pieces, the ChomChom continues to be a powerful tool against pet hair. In comparison to a lint roller, where you have to pull out a new sheet every single time you use it, and then eventually replace the roll entirely. The ChomChom also doesn’t rely on stickiness to pick up the hair either, which can oftentimes leave a bit of residue on the surface.

At the end of the day, if you have a pet, whatever fur capture methods you are currently using, it simply is not enough. For every hair you find, there are a million more just waiting to latch onto your next white shirt. ChomChom has proven itself to be the best way to save your furniture and as a result, your clothes from the sea of ​​pet hair hidden all over your home. More than just that, it does it without ever needing to buy replacements rollers or extra parts. If you love your pet and you love your couch, make sure to get the ChomChom so they can finally live in harmony with each other.

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