Companions I Need to Meet in Paradise


We as a whole have companions on the planet however have you at any point contemplated who you need to meet in Paradise? Whether Scriptural characters or somebody from history, which individuals ring a bell?

From the Holy book, there are a couple of ladies I can imagine. The main individual I need to meet is Hagar. She was in a predicament I which she had no control. We don’t have the foggiest idea what happened to her and simply need to believe that God had his had on her and favored her in her life.

The subsequent individual is Rahab. She became one of the female individuals in the family line of David. I additionally need to meet Mary Magdalene, the lady trapped in infidelity, the lady at the well and the one who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair. It’s not exactly clear assuming these occurrences was the rational lady or various ladies yet I need to know their accounts.

Joseph is the man from the Holy book I need to meet. I need to know the remainder of the story from his life.

From individuals ever, I need to meet Dorothy Day. She had all in all a story. She went from not having confidence in God to consuming her time on earth serving him by tending to “the least of these”. Likewise, Ethel Waters, the entertainer/vocalist who even as an older lady, enlivened me in 5th grade to need to serve God singing, every one of the times of my life.

Assuming my granddad is there, I need to hear his story and let him know that he is excused and cherished. I need to see him grin. I never knew him and it was anything but a lovely story yet trust it is one of reclamation eventually.

From my lifetime, I desire to see the people who were momentarily in my way that I at absolutely no point ever found in the future and trust that I had an effect in their lives.

Couldn’t it be amusing to become companions with individuals from one more hundred years? I keep thinking about whether it would resemble time travel and you could encounter each other’s time spans. For instance, getting to show them how to wear cosmetics, play and instrument or drive a vehicle. Could they like roller skating? Could we like a similar music?

I guess we will not have the option to go to the future yet in the event that we would be able, I would find the people who need a companion and let them know it will be okay.

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