Hesai Acts as Group Leader for ISO Automotive Lidar Working Group

SHANGHAI, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the pre-research work for ISO/PWI 13228 Test Method for Automotive Lidar has officially kicked off. As the enterprise representative from China, Hesai acts as the group leader in the ISO Working Group (ISO/TC22/SC32/AHG1), and Valeo acts as the deputy group leader. Along with international leading enterprises such as Denso, Bosch, Sony, Nissan and ZF, all parties will jointly formulate the international standards for automotive lidar.

According to the research report of CICC, the global market scale of OEM-installed automotive lidar is expected to reach 106.6 trillion yuan by 2025. As many series production vehicles equipped with lidar are set to launch within the next two years, it is increasingly important to form international standards for automotive lidar.

The formulation of ISO/PWI 13228 will impact the global lidar industry in the following ways: First, it provides universally standardized descriptions for automotive lidar performance, enabling upstream and downstream enterprises to compare and evaluate lidar products; Secondly, it standardizes the test methods for automotive lidars’ key performance, which reduces the risk of perception failure and improves the safety of intelligent vehicles on the road; Thirdly, it standardizes the management of the automotive lidar market, ensuring lidar products meet international basic standards; Finally, it helps enterprises reach consensus on terminologies and technical specifications of automotive lidars, promoting the knowledge exchange and technical cooperation on a global scale.

Leading the Formulation of Global Lidar Standards

This is not the first time Hesai took the lead in global lidar standards formulation. In February 2020, Hesai launched the UL4700 Proposal, which was incorporated into the American National Standards, other participating companies including Bosch, Continental AG, Intel, and Motional. In February 2022Hesai joined IEC TC76 Standardization Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission on behalf of Chinaparticipating in the discussion and formulation of the IEC 60825 Optical Radiation Safety Standards.

In October 2021under the guidance of National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization, with Hesai as the Chair, Baidu as the Co-chair, they jointly led the pre-research for GB/T Performance Requirements and Test Methods of Automotive Lidars, promoting the implementation of China’s automotive lidar standardization with over 30 industry-leading enterprises and institutions.

A Pioneer in the Field of Lidar Safety

Besides promoting the drafting of automotive lidar standards, Hesai is also a pioneer in lidar safety. Hesai launched the world’s first lidar that has obtained ISO 26262 ASIL B Functional Safety Product Certification, certified by German SGS-TÜV.

In addition, Hesai has developed a 3-in-1 system that includes functional safety, SOTIF and network safety, which is integrated into Hesai’s entire product line’s lifecycles.

Hesai will continue to lead the standardization of lidar industry and establish high-standard safety system for all of its products, safeguarding the operations of autonomous driving and ADAS.

About Hesai Technology

Founded in 2014, Hesai Technology is a global leader in lidar technology for autonomous driving and ADAS. Its vision is to empower robotics and elevate lives through high-performance, reliable, and low-cost 3D sensors. Hesai has developed exceptional R&D capabilities, accumulating deep expertise in optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. The company has been granted hundreds of patents globally for its industry-leading technologies, in areas such as proprietary lidar chips, functional safety, and interference rejection. Hesai’s new manufacturing center for automotive production will commence operation in 2022, with a planned capacity of over 1 million units. Hesai has won customers spanning over 90 cities in 40 countries, including leading autonomous driving developers, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and robotics companies.

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