Just my luck — I have compassionate pets

There is supposed to be a pecking order in the animal kingdom, with them being either predator or prey, but not for my pets.

Until I acquired my cat Bob and my dog ​​Blue, I never realized that animals could be “a conscientious objector” or be a pacifist.

Bob has been hunting a mouse around the house for the last couple of months — at least he is putting on a good show that he is.

He has adopted the same kind of a struct that kings of the jungle have. He even kicks in a turbo boost of speed from time to time streaking through the house making it look like he is in hot pursuit of a mouse.

When not running, Bob crouches down to tippy toe in a stalking position.

I personally have not seen the alleged mouse he is supposed to be trying to catch.

I think my cat is just putting on an act for me to think he is my macho rodent protector.

The last time I saw Bob actually catch a mouse was more than two years ago. Even then, it cannot be said that Bob caught the mouse, but he did manage to detain it. He smacked it around with his paws. As I watched him, I’m thinking, like kill it already. After a couple of paw smacks, the stunned mouse scurried away.

I’m like what the heck, catch and release? That is only supposed to happen in fishing.

I thought a cat’s main purpose in life was to catch mice, and having a cat to control them would be better than using a trap.

I hate the old-fashioned, wood traps with a spring catching a mouse in it. When a mouse is caught, the trap has to be emptied, which is like the worst job ever.

My ex-husband had the bright idea of ​​getting one of those glue mouse traps. Those traps are a patch with a sticky glue substance, which in theory is supposed to catch and entrap a mouse for disposal.

The mouse that was caught in the sticky trap must have been extra strong. All it did was drag the trap with him as he scurried off.

Then there was my dog ​​Blue, who would eat anything if left to his own devices.

Blue was resting on his blanket on his end of the couch when a mouse ran across the room. Blue sat up in an alert position, leapt over the coffee table to pounce on the mouse.

I cheered him on with a lot of praise for being such a good dog.

He stood there looking rather stunned with the tail of the mouse hanging out of his mouth.

I could literally hear him go “Phew” as he spit the rodent out. He squinted, giving me a dirty look as he worked his mouth up and down.

I could see the little wheels of his doggy brain going, “I have mouse mouth! I have mouse mouth!”

Mary Drier is a freelance reporter and columnist for the Huron Daily Tribune. She can be reached by emailing hdt_news@hearstnp.com.

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