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Leadership Coach Wendy McManus Is Accepting Applicants for Two Mental Fitness Boot Camp Groups

ORLANDO, Fla.— Right now, produce industry professionals have just two chances to jump into the 7-week Mental Fitness Boot Camp before the end of the year. Leadership Coach Wendy McManus is launching one group starting in mid-July and another in September. This is a small group program, so just a few spots are available for either start time.

Mental Fitness is your ability to handle life’s challenges with a positive mindset. It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy to do. And research shows that it makes a massive difference in everything from your performance to your relationships to your overall sense of well-being. In fact, mental fitness is the best predictor of how happy you’ll be and how well you will perform, relative to your potential.

According to McManus, these are very good reasons to jump into the program. She said, “I’ve had a front row seat as I’ve shepherded more than 50 people on this journey. The work is not always easy, but the feedback from my clients about Mental Fitness Boot Camp has been overwhelmingly positive. Lives have been changed.”

Mental Fitness Boot Camp is based on the neuroscience of change. Participants learn how to recognize and quiet the inner voices that hold them back and to amplify the voices that propel them toward their goals. This practice activates the parts of their brains that help them thrive so they can move toward their aspirations with resonance, rather than resistance. Day by day, Boot Campers learn strategies for how to manage their own brain and they build habits to help them use these important skills in all areas of their lives.

Brenda Briggs of Rice Fruit Company, who is a former Mental Fitness Boot Camp participant said, “This program was life-changing and eye opening for me. It provides the tools to change how a person receives and reacts to information, emotions, and people. The daily practice provides the positive feedback necessary to want to continue to change and learn. So, for anyone on the fence, I absolutely recommend this program.”

The program works by incorporating daily app-guided exercises with weekly training videos and group coaching calls. Learning in a supportive community helps participants stay on track to get the most out of the journey. After just 7 weeks, you’ll experience positive changes in how you think, feel, and interact with others.

The next step for anyone wanting to learn more about Mental Fitness Boot Camp is to review the program details at They can also contact McManus to ask questions. Act quickly, as spots are filling up for the July and September groups. This program is also available to people outside the produce industry, so McManus encourages you to share this with anyone in your life that might be interested in learning more.

About Wendy McManus, PCC, CPCC, CPQC and Connect 2 Potential

As a seasoned leader with nearly two decades of experience leading national marketing teams in the fresh produce space, Wendy McManus draws out the true genius in her clients, supporting them to become more confident, capable, and thriving leaders of their own high-performing teams .

Working with her, Wendy’s clients build more authentic, trust-based relationships so they can harness the power of people and generate stellar results. They are transformed from the inside out and create ripple effects throughout their organizations.

Her services include Executive Leadership Coaching, Mental Fitness Training, Group/Team Facilitation, and Public Speaking. Learn more about Wendy at

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