Lost Ark Virtues Pet: How To Get, Benefits & More

The isometric action RPG and free-to-play MMO took South Korea by storm upon its release. While the story may be generic fantasy, there are many elements that make Lost Ark special. There are amazing weapons and characters from different classes to choose from. Lost Ark lets you trade, and hunt and you can also own your very own ship with sailors and crewmates that you can choose yourself. Lost Ark also gives you a ton of options to make your character look even cooler. This includes skins as well as a lot of cute pets that you can own. One such pet that you should know how to get is the Virtues Pet in Lost Ark.

In other RPG games that offer pets, you will see that most of them only act as visual accessories. But when it comes to Lost Ark, the pets are actually useful. While they definitely look cute with your character, they can also save you a lot of time by automatically looting for you on every server. So you don’t have to waste your valuable time collecting loot. You can get pets in Lost Ark in various ways.

This includes early game quests, Lost Ark’s cash shop, in-game events, and the Founder packs that contain exclusive pets in the game. But in our guide, we will cover how to get Virtues Pet in the gamealong with its abilities.

What is Virtues Pet in Lost Ark?

Virtues Pet in Lost Ark

There is no limit to owning pets in Lost Ark, you can own as many as you want. You will find a lot of pets in this game so that you can choose the one that suits your build the most. Pets are a must-have if you want to amp up your experience in Lost Ark.

One of the most popular pets in Lost Ark is a Virtues Pet. This pet is inspired by none other than the great Raid Boss Virtues that belongs to tier one. Virtues takes on the form of a massive quadrupedal dragon that gives the players a very tough time in the game.

Lost Ark recently decided to welcome a cuter and much smaller version of Vertus in the game as a pet. These adorable baby dragons will follow you wherever you go and help you in combat. The best thing about the Vertus pets is that they come in four different colors including purple, yellow, light blue, and dark blue.

The light blue one is called Vertoto, the yellow one is called Vertori, the dark blue Vertus pet is known as Vertorand and the purple one is called Vertora.

Virtues Pet pros and cons
Different colored Vertus Pets

All of them possess the same abilities and skills. Tame and raise the Virtues Pets so that they will help you in your journey. While you’re at it, consider checking out our Lost Ark Engravings guide.

How To Get Virtues Pet in Lost Ark

why you should get Virtues Pet
Virtues Pet Selection Chest

Most of the pets in Lost Ark are obtained from the early game quests or they can be bought from the cash shops in Lost Ark. You can also get them in the events or Founder packs. Vertus pet was released in a recent update in April. In order to get the Virtues pet, the players must purchase the premium version of Lost Ark and get the season pass. The deadline for April passes July 18, so make sure you manage to get your hands on it before the deadline if you would not be able to access the Vertus Pet.

Once you have the pass, you need to complete all the tasks and quests required before the 14th of July. To unlock the Virtues Pet Selection Chest, the players must be level 30 or above. After unlocking the chest, they can pick from the four different colored Virtues Pets. While you’re at it, consider checking out our Best Lost Ark DPS Classes guide.

Each day of the pass contains a series of challenges for you to complete. These tasks upon completion will reward you with one XP. Since XP is capped at 500 per week, it might take you some time before you actually reach level 30 in Lost Ark. In order to level up faster to get the Virtues pet, read our level Foraging in Lost Ark guide.

How To Equip Virtues Pet

Lost Ark: How to get the Virtues Pet
pet menu

Once you have got your hands on the Virtues Pet, the next step is to equip it. Simply press Alt+P to access the Pet Menu. This menu will show you all the pets you currently own. From this menu select the Virtues Pet to summon it. This will allow them to help you loot all necessary items and provide you with buffs.

If you don’t like the Virtues Pet, don’t worry as you have many other pets to choose from. You can purchase any pet you lime from the cash shop in Lost Ark using the Royal Crystals. Do check out our lost Ark Bard Build guide as well.

To get to the premium level of the pass you will need 1500 Royal Crystals. A 2200 Crystal Bundle can be obtained from the shop for $19.99. So getting the Virtues Pet in Lost Ark will cost you a lot of money.

Why You Should Get Virtues Pet In Lost Ark

Virtues Pet can help you in many ways during the quests of Lost Ark. The best part about having a pet is that you don’t have to waste your time looting every single item in your surrounding. When your pet is active, any loot nearby on the ground will automatically go to your inventory.

There are many other benefits of owning a pet. The Virtues Pet will give you additional buffs. You will get a combat buff as well as extra storage space in your inventory. However, the combat and other buffs require you to have a Crystalline Aura active. We curated a guide on The Glaivier Build in Lost Ark as well, which you might want to check out.

Virtues Pet Skills Rerolling

Virtues Pet in Lost Ark comes with two combat effects. One of these pet effects is for the defense of your character. The other pet effect will greatly increase the damage inflicted on the enemies. These effects are randomly rolled and you won’t get a specific effect for your Virtues Pet. While you’re at it, consider checking out our Lost Ark Best Cards guide.

In case you are not satisfied with the current pet effects for your Virtues Pet, you can use the reroll system to change it. The pet effects can be refilled in Prideholme at the Working Achatemeow NPC. One reroll will cost you about seven Crystals but since this currency is free, you can reroll as many times as you want. You will be given three options that you can choose and replace your current pet effect with. The Virtues Pet’s buff magnitude will be rerolled randomly as well.

Virtues Pet Effect Bonuses

Since the Vertus Pet can have two combat effects, offensive and defensive, you will get a wide range of skills that you can get while rerolling. Following are both the offensive and defensive skills for your Virtues Pet.


  • Expertise: +2-10%
  • Crit: +2-10%
  • Swiftness: +2-10%
  • Stamina: +2-10%
  • Specialization: +2-20%
  • Domination: +2-10%


  • Phy. Damage Reduction: +1-5%
  • Mag. Defense: +2-10%
  • Mag Damage Reduction: +1-5%
  • Max HP: +1-5%
  • Phy. Defense: +2-10%

Crystalline Aura Benefits for Virtues Pet

We recommend that when your Virtues Pet is summoned in Lost Ark, you activate the Crystalline Aura as well. When you have the Crystalline Aura activated, you can access the following benefits.

  • It will increase the offensive and defensive buff your character receives from your pet.
  • The storage will be doubled and you will get a secondary inventory that your pet will carry.
  • You can gain remote access to mail, auction house as well as storage.
  • No matter where you are, you can repair your standard gear and equipment as well as the trading tools.

This concludes our guide on how to get the Virtues Pet in Lost Ark as well as its benefits of it. Before you go, we recommend checking out our guide on Lost Ark Report.

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