New Pet Wants store opens on West Main Street in Madison Village – News-Herald

People who are aiming to buy more natural kinds of food and treats for their dogs and cats will find plenty of choices at a new business in Madison Village.

Jason and Danielle Moats, who are husband and wife, opened a Pet Wants store at 42 W. Main St. on June 18.

“I think the east side of Lake County is in dire need of good health alternatives for people’s pets,” Danielle said.

With the new Madison Village store, Jason and Danielle are now franchise owners of two Pet Wants stores in Northeast Ohio. Their other Pet Wants shop — which they launched in 2019 — is located at 209 Center St. in Chardon.

A variety of natural chew treats, ranging from beef tendons to duck feet, is displayed at the new Pet Wants store in Madison Village on July 20. The new shop, owned by Danielle Moats and her husband, Jason Moats, of Madison Township, opened on June 18. Pet Wants provides fresh, healthy and natural food and treats for dogs and cats. (Bill DeBus – The News-Herald)

Pet Wants provides fresh, healthy and natural food and treats for dogs and cats. The company, which is based in Cincinnati, was established in 2010.

Michelle Hobbs and Amanda Broughton, who founded Pet Wants, aspired to create nutritional pet food made from the highest quality of ingredients. They also wanted the pet food to be delivered, at the peak of its freshness, to customers’ homes.

Danielle said she and Jason always have shared a very entrepreneurial spirit. They were considering various ideas for starting a businesses before learning about Pet Wants.

“We love food and we love pets,” Danielle said. “So we kind of went down the more holistic route to educate customers on pets’ nutrition.”

The dry food for dogs and cats sold by Pet Wants is produced by a fourth-generation pet-food manufacturer with an excellent track record for quality, Danielle noted.

“They use Pet Wants’ recipes and make our foods fresh every six weeks,” Danielle said. “The fresher your food, the more nutrients your pet is going to absorb.”

Those dry foods also contain no corn, soy or wheat; no added sugar or artificial colors; and no animal byproducts.

The various kinds of dry pet foods are loaded into bins, where they can be purchased by the pound and packaged for customers of Pet Wants.

Flavors of dry dog ​​food sold at Pet Wants include chicken and brown rice; whitefish and ducks; and a special mixture that addresses the nutritional needs of puppies. The dry food for cats features varieties for grown felines and kittens; lean cut; and duck and herring.

Pet Wants also offers dogs and cats a wide selection of natural chew treats — ranging from chicken feet to beef tendons — as well as raw ground meats stocked in a freezer case.

In addition, Pet Wants sells canned wet foods for dogs and cats that are of a higher quality standard, Danielle said.

“Good nutrients, good, clean ingredients,” Danielle said. “Everything is vetted by Pet Wants.”

The Pet Wants stores in Chardon and Madison Village also achieve plenty of sales by delivering products to customers. Orders are delivered free by Danielle, Jason and their employees throughout much of Northeast Ohio.

Danielle and Jason, who live in Madison Township, set their sights on a new Pet Wants in Madison Village after finding out that the Maggie’s Donuts building had been vacated and was for rent. When the donut shop was operating at 42 W. Main, Danielle always thought it would make a cute place for a Pet Wants store.

“One day, driving by, it had a for-rent sign, and I was like, ‘We’re taking it … I think it will serve the community by being a Pet Wants,’ ” she said.

Danielle also said she and Jason might not be finished with expanding their network of Pet Wants stores.

“Our goal was always to have three stores in Northeast Ohio,” she said. “It may not be immediate, but I think ultimately when we kind of get our new managers and new staff kind of fully up to par, I think we’ll make that next step.”

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