Pool fitness classes see a boost in Mumbai this summer

This was one hot summer alright, with the heat showing no signs of abating, yet! If there’s one thing you may have felt like doing, it would be to jump into a pool to cool off! That’s also what lot of people have actually done with a view to take in some fitness while having fun! Pool exercise classes saw a rise in memberships this hot season, a marked difference from the last two years when pools were completely shut owing to Covid-19 precautions…

In the first month, only lane swimming was allowed in pre-booked slots, but in the second month, it was open for all’

Informs aqua specialist Deepali Jain, “When the lockdown was nearing the end, there were hushed prayers going around to keep the virus at bay forever. All the people who had no option, but to exercise in the water due to their medical issues, were counting the days for the swimming pools to reopen. And when the pools did open, it’s like there was a mass exodus into them. In the first month, only lane swimming was allowed in pre-booked slots to maintain Covid protocols. But in the second month, it was a rush as everybody wanted to be in the water the moment lane swimming ended and it was open for all.” She adds, “My aqua classes are now going packed and there is a waiting list. I had to start teaching the basics again to slowly break everyone into the water after two years of absence.”

‘This summer, we had 97 per cent pool occupancy’
Affirming how pools are in demand in the city, swimming coach Daniel Mowgli from Badhwar Park, Colaba, says, “More people joined in as people had been waiting to swim and this summer and this summer, we had a 97 per cent pool occupancy. What helped was that we are following social distancing norms with just six students in a class, which has a capacity for 30. Now training is on full swing with members keen to learn the Michael Phelps’ technique that we teach. There are so many inquiries regarding rates, too.”

From aqua aerobics to aqualates or aqua ball, there’s a lot one can do


Not only are the classes fun, but also effective as swimming is known to build strength and improve overall fitness. Deepali reveals, “In the pool sessions, the calorie burn is high, keeping one’s medical issues in mind. Plus, the biggest advantage is that is it the best form of low-impact workouts as the water’s buoyancy supports the weight of the body. So, whether it is aqua strengthening, aqua aerobics, aqualates or the aqua ball, there’s much you can do. Props like weights and styrofoam pool noodles are provided.” She adds a note of caution, “Just want to send a warning to all to maintain personal Covid protocol as the virus has not gone away, it lurks around behind unwashed hands and crowded places.”



  • Water walking or water jogging
  • Lateral arm lifts
  • Forward lunges
  • Jumping jacks
  • Knee lifts


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