‘Protein Bor’ meaning explained as funny TikTok trend takes over

If you’ve been on TIkTok this week, you’ve probably seen the phrase ‘protein bor’ everywhere.

People are making videos about the bizarre expression, commenting it on random TikTok’s and simply inundating the app with the strange words.

If you’re here, that means you’re a little confused. What does ‘protein bor’ mean? Well, it all relates to a popular fitness TikToker and his thick Irish accent.

Read on to find out all about the funny trend that’s taken over the app…

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The funny ‘protein bor’ trend explained

TikTok’s hilarious ‘protein bor’ trend all starts with an Irish TikTok user called James Doyle.

The fitness Tiktoker shares videos about the gym and often reviews various supplements and protein products, including shakes, yoghurts and bars.

Many of his followers noticed that due to his thick Irish accent, he says ‘protein bar’ a little strangely, with the the word ‘bar’ sounding like ‘bor’ – which is how the funny trend was born!

Every time he reviewed a new protein bar, fans would comment on his funny pronunciation, and it quickly went viral on the video-sharing app.

Now, people are commenting on the phrase ‘protein bor’ underneath random videos and the trend has completely taken over TikTok.

Who is James Doyle Fitness?

James Doyle, or ‘Protein Bor Papi’ as he now calls himself, is a 20-year-old health and fitness TikToker from Leitrim, Republic of Ireland.

He only started posting videos in April 2020 and has quickly racked up over 120,000 followers thanks to his viral ‘protein bor’ trend.

James posts all kinds of fitness videos including gym clips, product reviews, funny workout skits and other health jokes.

In a recent video, he thanked fans for the support after hitting 100,000 followers in such a short space of time, saying he was “flabbergasted”.

“Not in a million years did I expect this,” he said before adding: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

James has also recently launched an Instagram account where he currently has 1,300 followers and has reposted some of his TikTok videos.

Hilarious accent blunder takes over TikTok

Unintentionally, James created the biggest trend on TikTok this week with his hilarious pronunciation of the popular protein-filled snack.

Fans are commenting ‘protein bor’ underneath every single one of his videos, including clips that were posted all the way back in April – but the trend doesn’t stop there.

People are also writing the phrase under random TikTok videos on their For You Page and it’s taken over Twitter too, which has sparked a lot of confusion online.

one person wrote on Twitter “who is protein bor and why are my comments filled with it?” whilst another said: “What the f is a protein bor?”

However, others think the whole think is totally hilarious and videos with the hashtag #proteinbor have already had over 6.8 million views on TikTok.

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