The Case for Hogwarts Legacy to Feature Pets

The upcoming Hogwarts Legacy is sure to continue generating huge amounts of hype as it draws closer to release. The open-world RPG set within the fantastical and iconic Harry Potter universe was always going to excite fans, but no-one could have predicted the scale and detail that the title is set to possess.

While many of the main facets of the Hogwarts experience within Hogwarts Legacy have already been showcased to fans, there is one crucial aspect that still remains a relative mystery. As denoted in detail during the books and films, the presence of pets for students at Hogwarts is a massive element of the school’s experience, and should absolutely play a key role within the upcoming game.


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The Basics of Hogwarts Legacy

The hotly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy was first announced in September 2020, with buzz around the game always being rather high. The game is being developed by Avalanche Software and published by Portkey Games, and is set to use the Unreal Engine.

Players will step into the role of a fifth-year student at the acclaimed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry, and many key elements of student life will be available to players. For example, players will be able to choose their Hogwarts house, develop skills by attending a range of classes, develop relationships with companions, and much more.

With Hogwarts Legacy very much being an RPG title, there will be lootable gear, upgradeable equipment, comprehensive ability and skill trees, and other core staples of any classic RPG experience. While not directly confirmed, the addition of pets to Hogwarts Legacy would be an extremely apt addition to the title, and would very much fall into the framework of RPG games in more ways than one.

Why Pets Should Have a Place in Hogwarts Legacy

Pets played a massive role in many subplots within the main Harry Potter story, and could absolutely have the same impact on the expansive story of Hogwarts Legacy. One of the main allures of implementing pets within the game would be the sheer variety of pets that a player could choose from, and the resultant range of benefits that different pets could bring to the player.

Starter-game pets could include the likes of owls, rats, cats, and dogs, which would be very much in-line with Harry Potter lore. Owls could have the benefit of retrieving items and resources for players in hard-to-reach spots, while rats could maneuver into small gaps to aid in the solving of the many puzzles that are set to be in Hogwarts Legacy. Cats and dogs could perhaps be more one-dimensional pets, but could still give the player character an added boost to charisma when interacting with other students and NPCs while with their pet.

At higher levels later on in the game, the player could have access to additional pets of much rarer stature and uses. Examples of higher-end pets could come in the form of more magical creatures within Harry Potter such as hippogriffs, phoenixes, and even dragons. Hippogriffs could be used as flying mounts, phoenixes as respawnable allies within combat, and dragons as a massively rare blend of both.

Pets in Hogwarts Legacy could even have their own skill trees, levels, and equipable gear, further expanding upon the RPG tenets that the game is hoping to encapsulate. Although details on pets within the game are currently quiet, it would not be surprising to see them play a huge role for Hogwarts Legacydue to their endless capabilities and established presence within Harry Potter as a whole.

Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled to release holiday 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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