The Strange Companion


In a major city where you know no one, it is challenging to track down your very own position. A spot which will be usual hangout spot and will offer you the agreeable corner. Being in Kolkata for very nearly three years, I actually felt like an outsider. Among every one of the colleagues, the count of companions is dependably a modest number. So the excursion of endurance is in many parts a forlorn one.

During the time I concentrated on in the college, I lived in an inn right across the street which had a place with an administration supported establishment implied for unfortunate kids named after a conspicuous social laborer. It included a school inside its premises, a lodging for the understudies who concentrated on there and a dorm for few undergrads. The lease and the feast charges were unassuming as was the living. The residence was shared by six young ladies alongside the guardian who was practically hard of hearing so didn’t happen as a snag in that frame of mind of gatherings, festivities and occasions which qualified us for shout as loud as possible. There was a gigantic report lobby and a feasting space, both in need of fixes and recreation. However everything looked so horrid, there was a comfort about the climate which metropolitan urban communities can seldom offer. Right external the inn there was a cable car line on which moved the cable cars in their strangely sluggish speed close by a quick traffic. I used to sit on the steps outside the inn building and dream away while gazing at the notices on the body of the cable cars.

The college grounds was more modest than generally expected and had four to five structures. In one such structure at the backside of the grounds was my specialty. There were a few schoolmates who turned out to be old buddies of mine and could impart the deception of belongingness to the new conditions. The greater part of the days, after the classes, we would go to a little flask just close to our structure and have blistering tea and flavorful samosa joined by meaningful conversations, warmed discusses and enthusiastic visits on all potential points under the sun.

Despite the fact that there was a ton occurring around, I felt a vacuum inside me which never appeared to lessen. Some of the time I used to go for a walk along the walkway of the college grounds. There were sellers of road food, a shoemaker and furthermore a little writing material shop. The last one was very nearly a tin-wooden bureau where the pen dealer appeared to be for all time introduced with no real way to exit or enter the shop. The greater part of the days I used to come by this shop and checked out and tried the different pens for quite a long time together. The man in spite of the fact that had a terrifying look, enormous constructed and red eyes, he never showed any bothering towards me. He continued to take out the pens from the behind the glass cases and some of the time likewise from his secret stocks. In the wake of seeing and writing with practically every one of the pens I would just take a three or four rupees pen, which around then were the only ones I could bear with my small pocket-cash. I in some cases felt a little apprehensive that he would yell at me for burning through such a great deal his time. In any case, all through the 2 years I remained there, he never at any point expressed a cross word to me.

At some point, it was pouring vigorously and I didn’t have an umbrella. I had recently got down from a transport and needed to walk a brief distance back to my lodging. I began strolling that way, when I heard someone yelling, “sister”, “sister”. I thought back and saw the writing material retailer. I went to him and asked what was wrong. He expressed that since it was pouring vigorously, I could sit in his shop, look at the new supply of pens and return to inn when the downpour stops. Briefly I delayed, however the possibility of getting to examine the pens caused me to answer in the confirmed. Shockingly, I figured out that the shop was bigger than I naturally suspected and had a little hall behind. He offered me a seat and took out the pens for me. Once while I was writing with one of them, I took a speedy look at the man and found him grinning at me. I immediately kept the pen to the side and set up a ready look all over. However at that point he out of nowhere abandoned and I was sitting with my eyes meandering to a great extent when I got a quick look at a parker pen. After a short time he returned with a steaming cup of tea and offered it to me with such a thoughtful motion, that I was unable to deny, in spite of the fact that I felt odd. I requested that he show me the parker pen. It looked so rich and composed so flawlessly that I needed to get it with my entire existence, yet true to form it was pricey. I assume I was clutching the sticker price for over brief when the retailer said, I can give you the pen for rupees 95 rather than hundred. I gazed upward and expressed gratitude toward him for the proposition, yet declined as it was still very exorbitant for me. At that point, the downpour had halted, and subsequent to valuing his graciousness, I energetically strolled back to my inn.

After that day, the shop had turned into my #1 spot to hang-out. He used to sell me the pens generally at a limited cost and frequently likewise offered me tea. He had a great deal of data about the different kinds of pens and other composing instruments. Albeit the two of us didn’t know anything about one another, we had a profound fellowship in view of a typical enjoying towards pens.

Toward the finish of two years, I returned home for planning for my last assessments. Following my tests moved past, I went to the shop, just to think that it is closed and locked. I looked about yet couldn’t track down anyone around. Out of nowhere the shoemaker sitting on the pathway shouted to me and said that the pen vender had sold his shop and returned to his town. At the point when I asked him what occurred, he was unable to give me any precise data yet expressed that there was a mishap and a demise in the group of some sort. I felt extremely upset for the man and returned feeling miserable. I needed to leave for my home following day, so I began pressing my things. While organizing the books and the writing material things into my bag, I found many pens, all purchased from that writing material shop. I took out one of the pens and pondered internally, how a unimportant colleague turns into a critical piece of your life. I needed to meet him one final time and say thanks to him for giving me organization during the most recent two years. I feel that little shop was more dear to me than every one of my companions.

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